DJ Ideal & Lloyd Banks – The New York Times

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Banks is starting his mixtape takeover again. Ideal, of course got some official shit that’s actually hosted by Banks. Punch line for punch line Banks can hang with anyone. If you think differently you’re gassed up. You get the 2006 gas face (shakes head and makes noise). I don’t know if he’ll sell two mil out the box like last album but he’s poised to drop one of the best Rap albums of 2006.

Cats kill me man. Since Banks album leaked people been bitchin’. I didn’t even get that shit. I know better and you should too. The mixtape is always better than the album, smarten up lames. I’m gonna give you a jewel right here from jump. “Lost & Found” is the best track on this CD besides the Cosmic Kev freestyles. I don’t even know if it’s on the album or not and I could give a fuck cause I got right here on the mixtape. This is one of Banks better hooks and the marriage with the beat and the rhyme was virgin tight. See if you ask me Banks got hook problems. His voice is mad soft for that shit and the singing is something he sould avoid like the HIV. Take “Rotten Apple” for instance. He come up second on the hook after 50 and sounds like he trying to hard. The punch lines tho, god damn he on point. Peep this off the “Drive Slow” freestyle: “I turn your whole click into john and jane doe’s / bitch ni99a all your missing is rainbows.” Shit had me rollin’. Back to that singing hooks shit; “Nobody Believes Me” gets a pass with me cause this shit is crazy, he def flipped it. He rides this beat on some nascar type shit. The one song I don’t fuck with is “Help”. Should’ve let this joint die on the cutting room floor if you ask me. If you already aren’t fucking with “Survior” I can’t help you. That track is sour diesel sprinkled with coke rolled in a White Owl Invincible. Instant rewind material is “Iceman” with Buck, Scarface and 8 Ball. God damn this track is ill. I need that instrumental too. No more highlights I’m done.

I’m telling ya’ll the mixtape is always better than the album. You probably heard some joints before but it ain’t just about the brand new. Remember brand new doesn’t always mean good it’s just new. I’ll take the good new, even if it’s not that much, along with some old that I know is crack and some dope ass freestlyes and shit. DJ Ideal dropped four CDs like it was christmas early and this is the “big” present right here. Ok now you can go back to listening to and waiting for Jay Z to put out some more bullshit. I’ma be over here with Ideal, that Banks diesel in the CD player and smoking that medulla oblongata. You don’t know nothing about that medulla yet and frankly I don’t think ya’ll ready.