DJ Ideal & Yola Da Great – 7 Grams

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It’s been a minute since I heard a DJ Ideal CD; glad he’s back up in the review section. He’s got Yola riding shotgun this time. I’m gonna give ya’ll this statement real quick: Yola got the best hooks in the rap game period! It’s a bold statement but if you’ve heard his music then you know it’s true. He could make a living off hooks alone. You gotta get amp’d up about this particular CD. DJ Ideal with some skills showcasing a superstar in the making in Yola. For artist mixtapes it doesn’t really get much better.

“Ain’t Gonna Let Up” is a classic. If you don’t know that by now, you’re a lost cause. “Bounce Ounces” is a hit record and instant rewind material. I’m telling ya’ll the hook is infectious. D.G.Yola spits that ebola. Aight I’ll stop trying to rhyme the review. (lol) We had “Get Money” with David Banner on the Rapmullet IPod when if first dropped and the joint is still fresh today. That bass will shake your whole house with ease. You should be familiar with “Better Get You Some Money” just like “Ain’t Gonna Let Up”; classic hook for days. That “Pac Man” joint is a hot mess tho. I don’t know who said that beat was hot but somebody slap that cat and put em in their place. Back to the hooks…..peep “Blown Off The Map”. Yola got that bounce in his style man, he flows real loose and the rhyme just bounces around the beat to perfection. The best track of the whole CD is “Addicted” featuring Young Capone. This gotta be one of the hardest tracks I heard in a minute. Peep the hook: “I’m addicted to fast money, bitches and marijuana / alcohol, drama and the god damn corner.” Ooooo, say it three times straight and your head will start nodding.

D.G Yola got some crazy ass potential to take over the game. Ok we know the hook game is top notch but what about the rhymes. I’ll admit Yola can keep it mad basic with they lyrics but he does, believe it or not, have some messages in the music. You can tell he’s a positive dude but he’s gonna be on the corner smoking Newport’s doing what he do. I think he understands the balance you need when you drop a well rounded album; from the street music to the ladies and back again. Ideal understands mixtape wise, showcasing enough of the old Yola tracks with the new. Now I know why the title is “7 Grams”…..its like sniffing 7 grams with every listen. (sniff)