DJ Ill Will, DJ Rampage and DJ Maaleek – Rap Or Die Vol. 2

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Shout to these cats being back up in the Rapmullet review section. It’s been a minute and welcome to DJ Maaleek…I don’t think he’s been up in here before. I’m glad cats are coming with diverse track lists now, the same 20 songs rotating every week on 20 different DJs projects is not the move. Plus I know Ill Will and Rampage are west coastin’ so my ears get to hear something truly new.

“So Good” is catchy, you can hear the potential. Man it’s just refreshing to hear cats mixing into the next track…for real that shit is the way it should be. I can’t say “Caught Up” was all that good tho…Jagged Edge on the hook wasn’t working for me. The one MC that may have next out west is Bishop Lamont. “Feel On It” got word play and some fly ass bars…don’t sleep. I usually fuck with Eastwood but his flow sounds dated to me on “West Really”…the hook was decent tho. On some mixtape shit Ya Boy went in on “Aquaman”. I had to rewind this back to back to back…I was def sleeping on this cat, my bad. Hot Dollar is hit an miss to me. “Liquor Is Gone” was just boring to me while the mixtape flip “Can’t Tell Me Nuthin” was dope. Who knows with him but he needs to get some consistency if you ask me. The sleeper joint for me was Omar Cruz and WC on “Hang With My Doggs”. That hook was a lil forced but the bars were proper.

Honestly the music by itself on here was o-k. It’s two and a half to two tape music. The thing is tho, the DJs brought the best out of it and kept you on the same vibe throughout the whole thing. All it took was a lil mixing to keep shit moving and actual make a “mix” tape. If there was no mixing on here the shit would just be an average compilation but they took the time to make a real mixtape and it shows.