DJ Ill Will & DJ Rampage – Thug Love 2

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You know what’s funny. RnB music is still selling while hip hop sales are non-existent. Why is that? Could it be hip hop artists don’t value their music enough? Might be but it gets much deeper than that and I’m not diggin’ that deep right now. Let’s ride to the west coast real quick with Ill Will and Rampage. I don’t get many RnB mixtapes these days it’s ok tho there’s only a handful of DJs doing RnB mixtapes proper anyways.

J Holiday is officially hosting this project, which can’t hurt at all. I would have thought they would jump the shit off with a J Holiday track but 2 Pistols and Ray J get the nod. Dead ass honest I personally can’t fuck with the track…mad generic sounding but I can hear the mass appeal to it. “Against The Grain” is knocking and you got Akon on the hook…sheeeeeet. Yung Joc still rhymes. Word to herb I guess he is and he hopped on a Slim track at that. Slim can sing, no doubt and “So Fly” would have been just as good without the MC on it too. Hot Dollar with a mixtape flip on “I Fuck Yo Girl”…that voice coder shit is like fingernails on a chalkboard now man. The bars were weak but as far as flips go, it works for this mixtape. On some smooth shit, Krys Ivory on “Next To Ya” is the shit. Hook is plain but it’s still catchy as hell. Don’t front you know you’ve been bumpin’ “Bust It Baby” by Plies…Ne-Yo freaked that hook too. As disgusting as R.Kelly is “Hairbrader” is the shit. You can’t front on dudes song writing skills that’s for sure. My favorite joint on here is “Don’t U Ever” by Kyoko. That’s a voice and a half people, don’t sleep on old girl.

Ill Will and Rampage keeping it as smooth as ever on the transitions. I’m not a huge fan of the rap and bullshit MC features and there were plenty on here. I came up in the 90s when that shit was brand new and in 2008 it’s just plain tired to me. I know cats dig it tho so it is what it is. Me, I just want some plain ‘ol singing over a smooth ass beat. You get both those on here so it works.