DJ Ill Will & DJ Rampage – Thug Love Vol. 1

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Welcome Ill Will and Rampage to the Rapmullet review section. Sean Kingston is hosting and I gotta say dude is making the rounds getting some good as promotion, building his buzz up properly. Notice I said properly, cause flooding the block with music is not “proper” lol. I hope this joint is mixed or at very least “faded” properly. Nothing like a R&B; pause tape to listen to…

“Beautiful Girl” is cool as a fan. I’ve seen the song out there but never really gave it a chance but the shit is nice on some old school vibe type shit…can’t front. I don’t think I’ve ever told a broad that she “makes me better” more like “you aggravate the shit outta me.” Hahahaha, cats is working the echo type lovely at the end of “Make Me Better” too, that’s a lost mixtape art. My favorite song on the radio right now, “Get It Shawty”. I’ve heard it 4,478,611 times so I think it grew on me. I couldn’t get into “Shook” with T.I. but it was good to hear cats mixing a lil something. I wasn’t diggin’ Drake either but Trey Songz sounded smooth as hell on “Replacement Girl”. Hot Dollar getting his Loon on with “Homegirl”; shit was cool tho on that punk smooth shit. The sleeper track was Keith Murry and Tyrese with “Nobody Do It Better”. Mr. Murray still got bars! The “what the fuck” track goes to Guerilla Black on “Wifey”. Talking about butt naked on the beach eating chicken..WTF!?!

This was a smooth project for Ill Will and Rampage, a good way to set it off at the Mullet too. Not too much of anything, nice balance of skills, host, and quality tracks. Def keep an eye out for these cats. It should be interesting to see what direction the next project goes in and what type of lane they plan on carving out for themselves.