DJ Illipse – Uncommon Mixtures: A Blends Collection

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A big welcome back to DJ Illipse, it’s been a minute since I’ve gotten a chance to review an Illipse CD. The blend game is going through its peaks and valleys as of late. For the most part we’re riding a minor peak at the moment with projects from Eggnice, Rondevu, SWB, and Unexpected as well as a slew of upcoming “blend” projects for the summer. It’s a good time to be a fan of creative mixtapes…but don’t quote me on that. The blend season has really just begun.

“The Red Light District” was a decent warm up. Not how I would have jumped the project off tho. “Cot Damn” would have been a better look as the first track because the cuts were nice and that beat def gets your head nodding. “3 V” was cool; Big L has limited material so his verses are getting old on blend mixtapes now. I like how Illipse flipped the hook on the “Virgo” blend and then switched up the beat when Ludas verse dropped. The “Mr. Me Too” blend was def some next level shit. Using the “Victory” beat adds an element to it as well, and when that second old Mobb Deep beat drops….whoa…smooth as hell. The vibe on “The 6th Sense” was crazy, Illipse capturing the essence of those Common verses to a tee. As weird as it sounds my favorite blend was Lil Wayne on “Hustler Musik”, actually I just like how Illipse fused the original track into the hook…matter of fact I think he could of played the original and I would have liked it even more. Lil Wayne had nothing to do with it. “The Come Up” was hard listen for me. I like the concept/idea about the beat used but when the hook hits it was like washing your ass with a cactus. I could say the same on the “Without Me” blend. Using “Axel F” in a blend is def pushing the boundaries of blends but sadly the shit didn’t work. Kind of like “falling for a banana in the tailpipe” or in this case a banana in the ear.

The CD is what it is…a collection of un common blends. No real direction but then again its supposed to be that way. Illipse had a couple blends on here that would have built a strong foundation for a greater project than this but you get what you get I guess. The skills were proper, two and three beat blends, multiple verses ect…skillful indeed. Dead ass real tho after one listen I thought the shit was average at best but once you start to dissect some of the better blends for what they truly are you can see Illipse was def putting in work.