DJ Infidel & Crook Type – Loyalty & Death Vol. 1

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Hartford CT people, recognize and realize where it’s going down. If DJ Infidel is co-signing cats I got to give em a listen. I hope these cats are hungry cause there’s nothing worse than a lazy MC trying to up off some bullshit. Lets go.

Damn, not only are these cats hungry, they thirsty too on some eat your whole meal type shit. I got that vibe just off the “Crook Type Anthem”. Product bodies this track and then some. Vill Will pop’s off with “I Got Em”, spittin; “I heard alicia keys breath smell like polution.” Hahahaha, I was rollin’. Same with the “won’t fight J-Hood just give him a nougy”, Vill Will def gettin’ it in on this one. Opium Black slides through on “I’ll Body Yo Ass” with Step. This tracks speaks for itself. Product and 2 Step go the best flows as was proven on Products solo freestyle and “Yessur”, while 2 Step beats you in the head with and ill concept on “Enta/Exit”. The sleeper track of the CD is “You My Strength” with Product and Vill Will trading verses like some grizzled rap vets.

Collectively Crook Type are on their game. I’d like to hear a little more versatility with the subject matter but cats gotta go for what they know. Like I’ve said in other reviews regarding MCs coming up right now, it’s a constant hustle, constant grind to get better and get heard. Shout to INF who was holding down the end of the CD, stay up.