DJ Infidel – Hoodlum Music Vol. 1

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Welcome DJ Infidel to the review section, although he’s been here before and we just didn’t know it. I’m def a fan of “hoodlum” music. Shit, all you need is raw beats and raw rhymes to really pop off a decent mixtape now a days. At this point as long as you don’t have any Mobb Deep on your mixtape you’ve already taken a step in the right direction.

“21 Gun Salute” is aight if you ask me. Ja Rule is still all done though, I don’t care what anyone says. Still all in all that hook is catchy. Who knows maybe he comes back and does well, todays hip hop buying population is strange. I haven’t heard from dude in a minute but Opium Black is still doing his thing. “Bet Your Life” is that straight head nod music, be on the look out for this cat DJs. Can someone tell me the appeal of Cory Gunz? I don’t see what all the fuss is about this kid, just another MC rhyming if you ask me and alongside Lil Wayne he was def overshadowed. Mike Knox and Beans freestyle is highway music people. That shit you listening to on the Mass Pike when you bout to run outta gas and ain’t no gas stations around. The sleeper track of the CD has got to be Fam Lay with “Skrunt Owt”. I fucks with that slow flow shit. My favorite shit was Snyp’s freestyle hands down. DJs if you don’t have Snyp on your mixtape you not pushing quality music to the masses.

Infidel got hot tracks people, there’s no question. Only thing I wasn’t diggin’ was his MIC game. Truth be told he came off like Cutmaster C to me and that’s not a good thing. I don’t know if the MIC was some cheap shit or the engineer was cracked out and thought it sounded good but just like a Big Mike CD you want your shit crystal clear. Maybe throw a gate on that shit or something. Cats might not think that matters but if you want to listen to a mixtape from beginning to end and the DJs MIC sounds like a clock radio speaker you will get annoyed. Shit can be fixed and I would imagine it will so be checking for another CT DJ on the come up, say the name again people; DJ Infidel.