DJ Infidel – Hoodlum Music Vol. 2

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Welcome back Infidel. Ya’ll hear that? Tic…toc..tic…toc, grind like clockwork. Infidel told me he’d be back out next month and well he’s here so that’s a man of his word. CT is in the Rapmullet building again, I say building not literally but figuratively were all “BUILDING” over here, right? Have ya’ll heard of Opium Black? Well if not step up ya MC game and put that ear to the street.

Opium Black sets the CD off with a little freestyle, the shit is murderous people. Lyrically Opium Black is that cat in the back of the club watching you front for ya friends talking shit and when you hit the bathroom he knocks ya ass out and you wake up in an alley with your fake jewels still on. Some shit you just gotta do for fun. I was actually diggin’ “Tec 9”. Murder Mook doing his thing on this track, beat is hard like a roll a quarters. Have ya’ll peeped “The Oath” with Lake and Cormega? That shit is a quiet intensity about it and Lake has stepped up his MIC game something serious and Cormega is perfecting his shit like a true G. “Murderer” is the best I heard of Uncle Murder. Track got a lil bit of different vibe to it and you can def bottom out ya bass with this joint. Best track on the CD gotta be Joe Buddens with “Outcast”. I had this on rewind for a hot minute. Although Opium Black catching wreck over “Represent” was a close second.

Infidel is diggin’ up some good music man, I can’t front. It’s a new day in mixtapes people. If you’re not coming with good music it’s a wrap, and that’s for both the streets and on Rapmullet. Every day whether you’re a DJ, MC or in the music biz you got to be working, every single day. I’m making new T-Shirts and there just gonna say “consistently put out good music” and the first person to get one is Infidel cause that’s what he’s doing. There are a lot of people listening but only a few that are actually hearing me.