DJ J-Ronin – All Elements Vol. 7

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J-Ronin is back at it again with none other than Saigon. I don’t know how many mixtapes Saigon hosts but either way that’s a great look. Click on the track list, see what’s about to go down and tell me that shit doesn’t look dope…some anticipation of good music is what it should bring about. Now that you’re looking at the track list what is missing? No clue? Well it’s the south dumb ass, the south is missing. That’s not a jab at the south either that’s a “highlight” that J Ronin knows what his strengths are, what he likes and supports and he sticks to it…this is also called “knowing how to stay in your own lane”. I know a whole coast that could take lessons from this man.

This has to be one of the best first ten tracks back to back to back on a hip hop mixtape all year. That “Crooklyn Dodgers 07” into Saigon’s “Don’t U B Da Nigga” to “The Hardest” to Hell Raza absolutely murdering the beat for “Verbal Intercourse”. He said and I quote: “My music remind you of an ’86 deuce flick / I’m Shaft with a tooth pick / in something that’s ruthless.” The word play is crazy like cat shit. I haven’t heard that new Tragedy album yet but “The Truest” was cool, hook was stale but the bars were all Tragedy. “It’s On Again” is that rewind, cats went in on some anthem type shit. To round out the first 10 joints you got Common and Premo on “The Game”…one of the best songs out right now. “Not My Baby” has potential man, Saigon stays giving you music to relate too; he’s properly building the anticipation for his album. Born Unique is a beast on the MIC too. His “freestyle” got mad energy to it plus he got a voice too. I’ll admit I was sleeping on Juice…but no more. “No Love” is the sleeper track on here for me. Dude got bars and that scratched hook was the shit! Killa Sha had me rewinding “Frontline” to soak up all the bars. If you missed the message in “Modern Day Slavery” well then you are truly lost. (Sighs) Saigon said “you rappers ain’t thugs /you’re men with the hearts of women / trying to blend in” oooooohhhh shit, that’s a crazy line. Def check out that acapella freestyle; wow.

Damn, it’s the end of the mixtape. You def need to start this shit over cause at this point in the game you don’t get many mixtapes like this anymore. Skills…check, Saigon actually hosting the CD throughout…check, dope music…check, mixing…check, swift kick in the mixtape games jimmy…check. I gotta say one of the best collections of new music, semi-new music and underground music out right now and it’s presented in a classic mixtape formula. I could say more but all that’s left to do is get your own copy.