DJ J Swift, DJ Blazita, DJ Kast One – Summer Sessions

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Man summer is coming to a close real quick, time to get in one last BBQ with a quality mixtape before the leaves start falling. Truth be told the summertime is all about classic feel good music and if we’re talking mixtapes then its gotta be “classically” mixed as well. Welcome J Swift and Kast One to the Rapmullet review section too.

I don’t give a fuck, anytime you start a Summer mixtape off with “Real Love” you know its about to be some real shit. (Head starts nodding) “Look up in the sky it’s a bird it’s a plane / nope its Mary J ain’t a damn thing change…” J Swift cut this up lovely too. “Put Ya Hands” was cool but that Cru joint “Bubblin” got me open. I haven’t that for a minute and the bass in that track got my rear view catching seizures. “Hey Mr. DJ” is so 1993 that shit bringing back memories like a mutha fucka. I used to bump this cassette single along with “Murder She Wrote” constantly. If you can’t fuck with Christopher Williams joint “Every Little Thing” I may have to stab your hand with a sword like what happened to him in New Jack City. Color Me Bad was just…bad. “I Wanna Sex You Up” is cheese but cats were rocking that shit when it dropped. Def the epitome of “Dick In A Box”. Ya’ll remember the whole Bell Bive Devoe thing with the song “Poison”? The infamous quote in the chorus… “Rob Moore you’re dead.” Cats thought he was talking about dude from Syracuse who played football sleeping with his wisdom….classic ’90s rumor. DJ Blazita went in with that “You Will Never Find” blend…should have kept that rocking longer. “Loungin” is def classic 90’s…LL spittin’ to a female as usual…smooth joint tho. “Gotta Get You Home” reminds me of when I used to roll the Chrysler LeBaron V6 joint with the stash box under the middle console…good times. Blazita was doing her thing until she dropped “Take You Home” by Kels and Jay Z…this song is forgettable at best as well as that whole Best Of Both Worlds album. Kast One section was just smooth, I don’t know anyway else to describe it. Movado is a star in the making tho, “Die” and “Deh yah Pon Di Gully Side” are smoked out. The paced picked up with “Soft In The Bed” and continued through “Hoola Hoop” and into the high energy, ass clappin’ “Rass It Up”.

Summer Sessions is a nice little cool out mix that gives you just enough of everything without over doing it. It’s BBQ ready and drop top ready for you to end the summer in style. I could tell you more about the mixtape but I’d rather re-start the joint, finish this Boones Farm I’ve been sipping on for the last half hour and roll up another one.