DJ Jayceeoh – The Best of 9th Wonder

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I rarely give “best of” mixtapes a serious listen. How many times have you seen “best of” in a title and how many times were some of the rarest cuts left off the release? What about that unofficial remix that played on the late night mixshows that you couldn’t escape, but for some reason the DJ with the latest “best of” didn’t have? When I say “I rarely give them a serious listen”, it isn’t an exaggeration, more like a subconscious observation. Wait a minute, I forgot about all the times dudes sent me a duplicate of the fucking “GREATEST HITS” by a particular artist, but they switched up the order of the tracks. Most of those joints are pure trash and with the state of mixtapes continuously going down hill, I prefer not to clutter my desk with the bullshit!

I have to apologize to DJ JAYCEEOH, because his shit sat on the side of my desk and after several emails from dude, I finally decided to give it a listen. 9th is the shit like a late night dutch and a fat bitch, but I never knew his catalogue was this diverse. A lot of the joints that were featured, I never heard (sorry BUCKSHOT, I never listened to the album you sent, but I’m rocking it now). MURS is somewhat of an internet legend and yet I’ve never heard “AND THIS IS FOR”. One listen and I couldn’t turn it off! BUCK SHOT and STARANG WONDER flowed effortlessly over “ABOUT THE MONEY”.

9th takes me back to the days when PREMO was enjoying his hey day. If you heard one of his beats, you just knew it was PREMO on the boards. His style was unmistakable and punished your ears like an infant longing for access to something they just weren’t prepared to handle. Combine this with JAYCEEOH doing what a DJ is supposed to do when you’re working with classic material and it makes for a “real mixtape”. That might be my new term, because I’m not as inspired as I use to be. I look at the projects that I get and I don’t get as excited as I used to. One pretty cover after another designed by the latest graphics prodigy and the same old bullshit from tracks 1 through 20. “THE BEST OF 9TH WONDER” was refreshing, but not without flaws.

As much as I love the track with BUCKSHOT, his services weren’t required as a host and when he did surface it sounded like one of those calls you get from your peoples when they’re locked up. JAYCEEOH, I’m sorry I didn’t listen to this sooner, because the shit is “fish grease”, but you need to send me another copy, because after track 16 the shit kept skipping! I’m not going to give you a clip. If you want to hear this, contact my dude JAYCEEOH at (646) 685 – 1928.