DJ Jelly & MC Assault – Good 2 Go Pt. 2

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If you don’t already know DJ Jelly is the shit when it comes to mixtapes. A true “mix-ologist” who’s been doing it longer than some of these so-called mixtape cats have been out of shitty pampers. I despise top 40, commercial fluffy ass music but when Jelly mixes it…forgetaboutit. If it’s mixed proper I can fuck with it and it will always be good 2 go.

No lie this has been my wake up CD for the last week or so. You know that joint you throw on right after you get up in the morning, hitting the shower and getting dressed. I’ve been acting a fool too, that Mary Joint “Just Fine” gets me every time. My daughter thinks I’m a borderline psycho but fuck that it’s all about being in a good mood to start your day. The cuts through out Snoops “Sensual Seduction” are crazy, shit is subtle and most might never pay attention but it’s the little things that make a mixtape pop off. “Bout Money” by Baby D is my daughter’s anthem. It’s really her theme music when she goes around stealing my ones and spare change every morning. “Should Have Let You Go” is truly a mega mix…Alicia Keys, TLC, Adina Howard, Keyshia Cole and Jay Z. Show me one of these “radio” mixtape DJs doing shit like that? You can’t find one homie, that’s why Jelly and them are who they are. I’m still running Mary’s latest album too…”Work That” is a hit in every sense of the word. I’m so sick of hearing “Roc Boys” but mixed over Kanye’s “Flashing Lights” it was worth another listen cause that beat is the shit. Not only that Jelly flipped more beats in this mix than crack vials got sold at the Carter…and he ended shit with “Touch Me Tease Me” by Case just for the hell of it…crazy. I could same the same for the “Kiss Kiss” crunk mix into “My Girl Got a Girlfriend”.

I’m not huge of the music on here but I’m a huge fan of the mixing on here. It just adds something to the music, to the vibe that makes it that much more listenable and enjoyable. Plus the fact I can rock this in my ride with my daughter listening is a huge plus…def beats listening to the damn radio play the same 5 songs over and over. I still see some cats Zzzzz on Jelly and the whole Southern Style DJs outside of their region. It’s a damn shame too because if you’re truly a fan of mixtapes, especially of the time when cats really mixed their music, then you’re missing out on a ton of quality projects.