DJ Jemaine – Beantowns Finest Vol. 1

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Welcome DJ Jemaine to Beantown is in the building, put those three fingers in the air. Beantown Hip Hop always has been on the low for some reason but there is much talent in the area best believe. Just peepin’ the track list and I know a few cats like Termanology, Ed Rock and Dre Robinson. The rest of the country associates Beantown Hip Hop with Benzino and Made Men and while I give RSO credit its a shame Benizo’s face rides when Boston is mentioned cause dude ain’t really out there like that or gets the respect like cats think he does.

True to form the first MC to catch my ear is Ed Rock on “Home Sweet Home”. Dude been at it for a minute and his MIC skills are still on point. “Get At You” by Dre Robinson is that mixtape shit. I think the first time I heard him was on some bullshit R&B; remix on 94.5 with G-Spin trying to sound all lovely like he gaining female fans or some shit. He needs to stick to music like this. “Watch How It Go Down” the remix is easily “the” mixtape track of 2006. You see these magazines and websites with their little lists of “mixtape” tracks and they read like a commercial radio play list….cats is outta touch. Termanology slid a ounce of crack of a remix into your mixtape pocket and ya’ll didn’t know what to do with it. This cat Chester Green got word play on “Crooked In The Car” but his voice didn’t stand out to me; the shit was drowned out by that beat may need to adjust those levels. Bro got a nice hook with “I Am”; that shit got mad energy to it. The sleeper track is def Dramatik with “Streetlife”. Dude was spittin’ that straight forward shit with no chaser.

A lot of times I think Beantown MCs don’t even want to get beyond Beantown as far as fame or notoriety. I give props to DJ Jemaine for doing his thing with this project tho and actually trying to get cats heard beyond the Mass Pike. One thing I noticed…MCs like Dre Robinson or Ed Rock were going hard on the MIC and made it a point to let you know they got the Cal on em up in the party… while Termanology, who even may have the cal on him in the party, made it a point in his rhymes to at least tell you “why” he had to have the cal on him in the party. To me that’s the difference between these MCs and why cats are where their at right now. I’m anxiously awaiting vol. 2.