DJ Johnny Blaze – Rhythm and Blaze Vol. 5 Class of the 90s

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Welcome back DJ Johnny Blaze to the Rapmullet review section. I’m always down for some 90s back in the day shit…especially if the shit is mixed properly. You can’t tell by the cover (that shit is trash) but peep the track list and you see what’s its all about. Johnny Blaze has those smoothed out hip hop tracks with the R&B; features and vice versa all from the 90’s. I can dig the concept, let’s see how it sounds tho.

“Hey Luv” is a proper jump off for this type of concept. The transition into “Fuckin’ You Tonight” was smooth…that’s how this whole project should be transitioned. “You Know How We Do It” on paper looks out of place here but it words to perfection. Johnny Blaze gets a lil obscure 90s track wise with “Midnit Love”, “Rappers Ball” and Come Up To My Room” but they all fit the type of tracks on that Rhythm and Blaze vibe. “Waiting On You” is my shit! That first Donell Jones album is classic as classic gets if you’re talking 90s R&B.; If you don’t know the sample that Eddie F flipped I feel sorry for your mother. I haven’t heard “Funkafied” in a minute…shout to the Brat tho. “Get On Up”, “In My Bed” and “Return Of The Mack”…all classic and all rhythm and blaze. How can’t remember AMG? Bitch Betta Have My Money? Anyone? Lol AMG alongside Tony Toni Tone is a trip on the “Boys & Girls” remix. That Whitney and Bobby track was questionable if you ask me. I def like how he slid Rakim’s “What’s On Your Mind” near the end….that shit made my day.

The best thing about this mixtape is the smooth ass transitions and the fact Johny Blaze obviously has a great ear for track that fit the concept. Mixtape covers really don’t matter but in 2008 it’s what draws the consumer in and it’s the skills/concept/ and quality of music that keep them coming back…just some things to think about.