DJ Kay Slay – Hate Is The New Love

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Kay Slay back to show cats their hater tendencies. Fuck that shit tho, he just bodied half these bullshit crack making mixtape mutha fuckas with this joint. Everyone trying to push that new, push new, push new but when you pushing that new all it is is new…its not bangin’ and thats where Kay Slay came back to drop that bangin’…whether its brand new or not. Plus he back on his shit talking game like the vet he is.

“Take Chances” by Papoose is a prophetic diss. I hate that beat but bar for bar he said some shit and he dropped knowledge which will be lost on half of ya’ll all while at the same time lyrically ice pickin’ the shit outta Uncle Murda. Hardest song out right now is “I’m On Some Shit”. 50, Yayo and Banks back on that true mixtape shit. “Survival In The City” and “Shesus Khryst”…bangers. If you ain’t bumping these then you must be on that Hanna Montana shit. Kay Slay segued nicely into “Fuck You” with Busta, Snoop and Jackie-O then with “Follow My Lead”. The later is def not one of my favorite joints out right now but its smooth and it’s 10 times better than that “Technology” bullshit. If you only listen to one song off this joint let it be “Seems Right” by Big Lou. I got his new mixtape in the ride right now…review coming this week. Dude is lyrically King Leonidas on the MIC. I can’t see you being a hip hop fan with a car and not be bumpin “Bang it Out”. Good to see Jaz O get some shine with “Can’t Stop Me”…dude was rhyming his ass off on that track. One of the only east coast DJs to show love to “Freaky Girl”…track is corny to me but it’s catchy as all hell.

I don’t know about hate being the new love but I do know Kay Slay put some good music together on this one and his roster of artists (Papoose, Vein, Big Lou ect) got more bars than AT&T.