DJ KaySlay – Art Of War

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Let’s be real people, KaySlay is the only DJ consistently dropping true exclusives. DJ L does his thing but he doesn’t pop off like KaySlay has the last few times off just straight exclusive Hip Hop. Plus he still heavily pushes Papoose which always keeps me interested. Duke Da God ridin’ shotgun with heat off his latest album, go cop that, early April.

“Faces of Death” is just another banging concept song to add to Papoose’s long line of tracks. MCs all but abandon this type of song but Pap continues to push the envelope. “War” with Cam and Hell Rell is cool as a fan. Cam got some fly lines too: “I stab a bitch over ice/ Nancy Kerrigan”. I know most of our readers have heard “New York Shit”. I’m diggin’ it, def potential to be a hit if his label doesn’t fuck it up. I’d rather hear this than “Touch It” any day. This song def has huge potential. Sadly, “Get Right” is not even close to “New York Shit”. Keeping it all the way 100, people don’t want to dance to Pappose rhyming. (disappointed look on face) That dumbed down flow did nothing for me man, and Busta on the hook was average at best. I’m still gonna cop Papoose’s album when it drops though. Now Papoose on the “Ridin’ Dirty” remix was a good look. Rapid flow was ridiculous, cats will def be bouncing to this shit. You can’t help but grip some grain man while Pap fucks your head up. That hidden gem on this CD is Grafh with “Wildout Boyz”. His flow is so nonchalant that it is just too fly. “I slang enough drugs to turn brains to omelets.”

Picture Kayslay sitting back with a fat as cigar in his mouth, feet up while he drops another CD that moves the streets. You can’t deny it people; KaySlay is on his game something serious. I know cats seen some of these joints on the net but Slay still gets his joints out quicker than anybody right now. I remember someone saying, “It is what it is”, and right now KaySlay is still breaking records.