DJ KC Perfect – Hustle Hard 1.0

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Welcome DJ KC Perfect to the review section. We need to get some more Mid-West cats up on Rapmullet and reviewed, especially from Chicago. GLC is hosting so you know this CD is gonna be flowing on that south side shit. I think its a given that cats are gonna “Hustle Hard” but the question is can they “Hustle Smart” too? I’ll let that marinate for a minute so those cats that are running in place can catch up.

“Exercise Yo G” is that mid-west flow personified; we’ll call it rapid fire liquid. “Get up your weight and exercise your G!” “Breal Em Off” got that bounce. He said “I’m in the LA chasing broads like a lesbian.” shit had me rolling. GLC owned “Hustlin”; I mean that beats been used and abused up and down mixtapes but he added his own little swag to it and made it listenable again. “We Run Things” by the Street Kingz is some hard shit. This joint could easily be theme music for your next robbery. After this point in the CD shit kind of evened out with the “Top Back” remix, “Jigglin” by Ying Yang Twins, and the “Fly High” remix. KC Perfect mixing is on point but the tracks that been out for a minute got the FF button. The sleeper track of the CD is GLC on “Chi State Of Mind”. I actually would have liked to hear more GLC on here cause dude doesn’t really get as much mixtape shine as he deserves.

As always people the mid-west got talent for days. We don’t get a whole lotta Chi-Town mixtapes but we need to be up on it like that. It’s about to be a new year and cats need to shift that “hustle hard” mentality into the 2.0 version and start hustling with a purpose. I give props when props are due so props to KC Perfect for actually mixing his mixtape and showing that home town love. Remember his name people.