DJ Kool Kid – The Diesel VOL. 2 “Second Dose”

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The RAPMULLET community is growing and definitions of what the listener wants to hear are becoming clearer. Are we all victims of the mixtape industries unimaginative approach to it’s craft now or do we long for something more? I’ve always been told “if you don’t ask for it, you haven’t given yourself the opportunity to receive it.” Well, RAPMULLET and myself have been asking for one of the “pause tape” cats to step up and do something different. KOOL KID responded to the request with a classic (THE DIESEL). “SECOND DOSE” is the follow up.
There was an absurd amount of conversation on the RAPMULLET message board dedicated to “THE DIESEL”. I responded to all questions then, but I still feel the need to explain my reasons for rating it a classic. Concepts are the inception of a project. Before you can start any project, you have to have a concept. DJ’s are becoming more creative with their CD titles, unfortunately they lack the conception of fore thought. The CD may have an excellent starting point, but then the title has nothing to do with the cover art or the track selections don’t have a damn thing to do with the title. That wasn’t the case with “THE DIESEL” and its counterpart “SECOND DOSE” follows in its predecessor’s footsteps. Everything comes together on the “SECOND DOSE”. The track listing was an experience in creativity. When I was young they called it “making up shit”! KOOL KID made up a ton of shit. The names silently pay homage to the title by describing the lifestyle that it requires hustling “THE DIESEL”.

Pay attention to this statement “exclusives are what you make them.” Did you hear about the night GAME, NAS, SHEEK and PIMPIN’ KEN recorded that blockbuster “PIMP-IN”? I didn’t either, so you know this shit didn’t happen, but I enjoyed the pairing regardless. The streets have been calling SLIM THUG’S name for a minute; “SATISFIED CUSTOMER” will keep mixtape fiends open for days! I wouldn’t even pretend to be a SOUTHERN HIP-HOP fan for real. I love the commercial shit they drop and if someone slides me a hot CD, I rock it. “GANGSTA WALK” by DAVID BANNER is an accessible hit for fans from all coasts. I’m at the end of this review, but my thoughts wouldn’t be complete if I didn’t mention TALIB & BLACK THOUGHT. Isn’t ironic that they would have a track on the “SECOND DOSE” entitled “THE GAME”. The “SECOND DOSE” was created with a superior engineer. The tracks were put together very well and it had an incredible sound. However I felt that ROAM was the significant member of the unsigned talent on the “SECOND DOSE”. I don’t believe that any of the others made a defiant statement of presence. ROAM isn’t a lyrical genius, but he has enthusiasm and sometimes, that will get you by.