DJ L Gee & Ali Vegas – The Best of Ali Vegas Vol. 2

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Queens get the money…shit I’ve been looking for part one of the Best of Ali Vegas and I can’t find it, I think somebody got me for it. Fuck all the “Prince of NY” talk that shit don’t matter, what matters is Ali Vegas doing him and no one else. Most MCs can’t figure out who they want to be and scared to look in the mirror so when an MC comes along and goes for dolo his way you gotta respect it. L Gee steady pushing product to the masses doing what quality mixtape DJs do.

That intro shit with the bongos that went into “You Already Know” was hot like fire, I can dig it. You wanna talk about a barbarian flow? Peep “Life In the City”, that joint is coming on some real shit and the vocal sample is ill. My favorite shit was “A V Theme”, that beat coupled with Ali’s laid back, non-chalant flow is some shit to behold. The same could be said for “Stress (In the Hood)”, deep man, I love when MCs aren’t afraid to speak from the heart. For some life lessons listen to “Come On Now”, nuff said. Ali murders “In The Air” on some true mixtape shit. I don’t care that the beats been used to death you gotta peep the lyrics.

Is this CD a 3 1/2 tape mixtape as a whole? Naw, but Ali Vegas is def a “street certified” MC hence the rating. Don’t get it fucked up, he got heat on here and DJ L Gee does what a DJ should do when featuring an artist….let them shine. I look at it like this, if Lupe Fiasco can pop off like he does there is no reason in hell Ali Vegas can’t either and Ali got more street in him too. It all comes down to the production if you ask me. The lyrics is a wrap, the concepts are a wrap, the message in the music is a wrap but if you don’t have the beats to hold the ear of the masses it’s all for nothing regardless if you a prince or a king.