DJ L – Satisfaction 8

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What the fuck happened to R&B blends or even straight R&B cd’s? All I ever get now is an “exclusive” joint that usually is only “exclusive” to the consumer that doesn’t own a computer or live in a major city. Say what you will, but the only consistent cats on some R&B; shit are TAPEMASTERS INC and DJ L. I know readers are tired of hearing me say this, but you can’t even listen to mixtapes with your seed anymore, because most of them are too foul. On the other hand, you can rock “SATISFACTION GUARAUNTEED” and “THE FUTURE OF R&B;” with the shorties or with your favorite cum guzzler.

“SATISFACTION GUARAUNTEED” always gets me excited, because I know I’m going to hear some remixes that are never going to get airplay. You can listen to any station you want, but no one is playing the “ENTEROUGE (mx)” featuring JOE BUDDEN and GRAVY. I’m going to keep it all the way 100 and tell you that this wasn’t the best fucking installment of the series! A lot of this shit is hit or miss. For instance, SULLEN doesn’t have a hit on his hand, so L could have missed me with this bullshit. DANITY KANE are top of the charts, but everyone is playing the wrog single and I can’t believe PUFF blew it again and didn’t make the track that SCOTT STORCH produced the first single. I’m not a fan of “SHOW STOPPIN”, but if that shit is your cup of tea, L’s got it.

You know what I want to see L do? He improved his HIP HOP joints by getting rid of those 80 minute pauses. It’s time to make some adjustments to the R&B. Can we get a DJ L blend? Dudes have been saying forever that he’s done parties around the world, so you can’t tell me that he’s never done a live blend. Do me a favor and break up the monotony and drop one of those bitches on an installment of this series. I’m not going to promise dude that he’s going to get more sales, but it would make for a better listening experience and that’s what the fucking game should be about!

There’s nothing special here, but it was semi enjoyable and for that I’m going to give dude an average rating!