DJ L – Satisfaction Guaranteed 3

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I’m still in love with a yooker ya’ll. Since the last R&B review and all the one’s in between that I’ve seen, how many DJs are gonna jump the project off with the remix of “Love With A Stripper”? That song is not that hot for god sake! If you’re truly in love with a stripper then you might as well just give the bitch your wallet and pay check because she gonna get it anyway. That song is a anthem for all you “trickin” ass marks out there. Fuck that I got a new joint for ya “I’m In Love With A Retirement Plan”. What you know about that?

When I think of DJ L the hook from “Clock Work” comes to mind. “Get On Ya Grind Like Clock Work”, he drops that consistent shit. Do I skip around on the CD? Hell yea I do! Fuck that, I know most of the songs so what I’m checking out is the transitions from track to track. Did he beat match that joint, did he at least time the fade well while bringing in the next track? That’s the shit I look for now. DJ L has come along way from the play and pause days. He takes the time to mix and the time to make the CD flow. This CD is no different. I’m not gonna give you mad highlights on the tracks people, you know what it is. But… should be checking for “So Seductive” and “Lost Without You” Shit Robin Thicke is everyone’s favorite white boy now. Hey Robin? Jon B called he wants his style back! Did ya’ll cop that Ne-Yo album? Me neither, but I hear good things.

Only question I have with this CD: “Is there a money back guarantee if I’m not satisfied?” Honestly I don’t think DJ L has fun doing the R&B joints or the Hip Hop joints. It’s all part of the job. Cats really need to be checking for the Reggae CDs because L is quietly killing em. Plus I heard he got some reggae napalm about to drop too. “Lord have mercy”!