DJ L – Satisfaction Guaranteed 6

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DJ L is the former “JUSTO MXTAPE AWARDS ROOKIE of THE YEAR”. It’s been a minute since he was called up from the minors. Now here he is a few years in the majors and questions are surfacing on whether he’ll ever reach the potential that many thought he was destined for. We’ve watched as he and SUSS ONE went their separate ways and reunited. Neither of which has been able to turn the tide and honestly as fans have steadily turned their noses up at L, he’s blessed us with better quality material. He was the “MURDER of THE MONTH” on a couple of different occasions and with every appearance, he’s come back with a vengeance. SUSS ONE in the meantime has been hard at work on his radio skills and recently was able to secure a holiday spot on HOT 97’s rival 105.1 (yeah I heard your show homie).

I can’t figure out why L hasn’t been able to push it to that next level. He still drops seeds like a project bitch and the releases were horrible back then. He stopped leaving gaps wider than the GRAND CANYON in between tracks and for some reason fans disappeared with it! He’s scratching, putting out a variety and still nothing pops for dude. I think RAPMULLET might have a new poll based on why L isn’t getting the love he used to.

There are a bunch of tracks on here that the average mixtape fan would shit on, but once again, I love the joints that the shorties can listen to. My daughter listens to Z100 (NY top 40 radio). She likes all that bullshit that makes me feel like my ears are bleeding, but I love the fact that regardless of what daddy does, she rocks with what she feels and that tends to be CHRISTINA AGUILERA, NELLY FURTADO, CASSIE, and RIHANNA. “SATISFACTION…6” was filled with joints like that and I can’t understand why girls aren’t sucking this up like….okay, I forgot I was trying to keep this PG 13.

Let’s get to the gems. I love the “BACK LIKE THAT (FEMALE VERSION)”. The BRAT did her thing, but I had to exclude that track on the IPOD version for my seed. “ENTOURAGE” is pure ladies night out or in the case of my seed, dance around the room music. I just saw the new video for JANET’S joint with NELLY (CALL ON ME), how did I know dude was going to be chest naked in the video? I hate to say it, because I listen to the radio everyday and “TORN” is sickening, but the remix is my shhhhh (sorry pumpkin). Regardless….this joint is worth the cash!