DJ Lazy K – Drama Queen Pt. 2

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This is what the fuck I’m talking about. Lazy K giving yall that “pepper seed”, that good smoke, that shit to put you in the zone. If I’m about to listen to some exclusive shit let that music truly be some shit I haven’t heard before. I still haven’t got the blends I wanted but vibe of the cd is classic Lazy K.

I used to ride around and smoke blunt after blunt back in the day, mixtape blasting…just feeling the music. “Off Tour” got me to roll up again, this is that mixtape shit right here. Tell me Stack Bundles and Bynoe didn’t lace this track; Ferrari Trav did his thing to but that’s a gay ass name for MC. You can call me 626 Chew then. Is it just me or does Ransom sound dope as hell rhyming over some ol 80’s R&B; sample type shit? I don’t know the name of the track cause it doesn’t say but Ransom is that dude. Yo, make sure you hit the highway when Freeway’s “exclusive” joint drops; he rhymes his ass off. I don’t know if cats have noticed lately but Mazaradi Fox been on an all out audio blitz. Cats flodding the block with that work. I can’t say I was a fan of dude from jump street but “Gangsta Shit” with Stack Bundles got a crazy vibe to it…that weed could be talking to me though too. Tom Gist got his 1-2 thing off over classic Biggie with that “exclusive”. As much as I wanna hate on “Diamonds In My Dam Chain”…that shit had my head nodding; Fab is too soft for my taste on the MIC tho…fuck that. Can’t say I heard anything special at the end of the CD either…FILLER!

Will I be listening to this joint a month from now? Nope…but the joint is standing out from all these other DJs out right now and Lazy K on the MIC is always a good thing. I’m telling ya’ll, when you’re up in the “exclusive” section you gotta have some exclusive shit now other wise it’s 2 tapes and lower. Lazy K brought some joints to the game so she living good …would have been dope if she kept that “peeper seed” vibe going past track 19 cause shit got a lil hit or miss. The thing I like the most tho was each and every MC that got a spot on this CD was getting it in on the MIC…no soft ass lyrics up in here.