DJ Lazy K – Gravy Vs. Rick Ross

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Anybody else think Lazy K is intimidating? I mean, yes she’s a beautiful woman but the fact she can DJ better than you should intimidate the hell out of you. When she’s on her game no one is coming close to fucking with her and that’s the truth. I seen her on the Justo DVD and I’m thinking to myself “why is she not on tv man!”. Who would you rather see on MTV? Cipha Sounds or Lazy K? It’s a no brainer, somebody get Lazy K a TV contract already. Hmmm Gravy vs Rick Ross? I can’t lie, I’m not a big Gravy fan at all and well Rick Ross and the whole “whip it, whip it” is a little played out. Some how I think Lazy K can bring the best out in both of em.

Is that an intro I’m hearing? Word to herb, Lazy K doing an intro and straight into a mix. I thought I was in heaven. Shit is what the people want to hear. “Ghetto Streets” is my joint. Gravy did his thing thing on the MIC, I can’t front. I don’t think he’s two Jay Z’s or Three Big L’s though. The next best shit is the joint with Ransom who obviously outshine Gravy with ease. It is what it is man, Ransom is that dude. One of the best Rick Ross freestyles is that shit Rapmullet had on the IPod with that cat who was dissin’ DJ Radio. Truth be told, and I know I speak for a lot of mutha fucka out there, “Hustlin” is a dead track. No one wants to hear this shit now with or without Rick Ross. The track did it’s thing for him though. That shit with Nina Sky is the fucking wheel though; “Flippin That”. Seems like Mr. Ross is always whipin’ or flippin’ something, the track is cool as a fan.

Just like I though, Lazy K brought the best outta these two MCs. Not close to being my two favorite MCs at all yet I was steady bumping this CD all weekend. Any other DJ try to do this same CD and it’s just average. What’s up next Lazy? We need some more crack over here, the fiends is getting restless. Hit em in the head girl.