DJ Lil Raskal – 2 Pac: A Thugz Passion

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I’m back from review sabbatical. I had to trash all the CDs and downloads I had and start fresh. To all those who won’t get a review my condolences to your CDs but I gots to do what I gots to do. What better way to jump back up in this then with a 2 Pac Blend CD…not like we haven’t heard those before. Yea I got jokes, but you have to give Raskal his shot at blending Hip Hops “Elvis”. The best 2 Pac Blend CD I’ve heard so far was the Duets joint with DJ Mello and DJ Cinema…(if you don’t have it go get it)…now lets see if Raskal truly has a passion for capturing 2 Pacs musical soul.

It didn’t take long for Raskal to show he’s a true blue 2 Pac fan. “Loyal To The Game” is short but sweet. This 2 Pac vocal is the epitome of what dude was all about, you can see why his fans are so loyal. One thing I noticed about this CD is Raskal went above and beyond on quite a few blends, not just an acapella over a beat but adding different elements to push the music to new heights and give it a polished, almost “official” track type of feel. I don’t know how many cats remember Big Syke but Raskal got him shinning on “Ready 4 Whatever”. That little added Lauryn Hill vocal on the hook made this song pop off like it does. I like Prodigy…I really do, he’s an entertaining MC but his “Thoro” verse over “Got Yourself…” had me FF. The blend was well executed but to be honest that beat is R.I.P. Where “Dumpin” is predictable, “The Craziest” was unexpected. I like when DJs take chances and using the beat from “Butterfly” by Crazy Town fit Pacs vocals like a glove. I still don’t know why DJs think using Biggie and Big L vocals with 2 Pac is cool. I mean “Deadly Combo” got a nice west coast feel to it but beyond that 2 Pac should’ve rode solo on it. The most polished, professional mix up on this bitch was “Thugz Get Lonely Too”. I mean even tho the Cassie vocal is dated the shit fit so well Raskal could easily pass this off to the radio for some mix show play; now only if he could replace that Busta verse with another Pac joint he’d really be onto something. I’m not gonna totally shit on using Biggie and Pac together cause the vibe I got from “Life’s So Hard” is crazy as cat shit; Raskal def on his job with this one. Taking chances goes both ways and “Too Late Playa” with MC Hammer and Big Daddy Kane was def going the other way of good. Now we know why certain tracks are “unreleased”; the hook was straight tho. The sleeper track to me was 2 Pac and AZ on “Enemies With Me”. These two MCs def had a chemistry you can only imagine what could have been.

What I’ve come to realize with 2 Pac blend CDs is that the blends are a direct reflection of how the DJ hears/heard 2 Pac. I def like Raskals vision, he kept shit spread around enough to give the listener the full “2 Pac” spectrum. 2 Pac, like so many great MCs was a walking contradiction, he could beat you in the head with excess of money, women and drugs and bring it back to a conscience level; Raskal provided that balance in the content with the vocals he used. Does the game need another 2 Pac blend CD? Sure it does, because 2 Pac will forever live through the music.