DJ Lil Raskal – Summer Pimpin’ 5

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I love me some summer pimpin people. Can’t say I’ve been fucking with blend mixtapes lately, things in that genre haven’t been great in years. It all goes back to a lack of quality acapellas but that’s neither hear nor there. It’s all about summer pimin’ 5.

I own the first 4 mixtapes in this series. It’s one of my favorites. Shout to DJ Supreme too, him and Raskal went in on the series…classic covers as well. You could call it the total package, especially in the second blend hey day of 2005-2007.

I’m not into really breaking down specific blends, I mean you can download it for free and hear for yourself. I will say I love Raskals enthusiasm as of late. He’s just doing him, a blend every day, consistent mixtapes dropping. Props to that man for keeping blend hope alive. I think of Summer Pimpin’ 5 as that carefree feel good music, that’s what this mixtape series has always been about. Most of your current hits gets touched with 2 and 3 beat blends. Timing is as point as it ever was. 60 blends, I mean there’s something for everyone. Not much more you can ask from a blend CD.

New to my reviews is the best track/ worst track. Just cause I’m lacking in review writing time these days.

Best blend: Jay-Z – Po Pimpin Life

This is how I want my blends man. Shit sounds like a true blue exclusive song to me. Remember when blend DJs MADE their own exclusives. If this blend doesn’t have you thinking your The Mac up in the ride you’re a zombie.

Worst blend: Yung Joc and Bobby V joint

Technically sound blend but annoying as hell. Young Joc? Really?