DJ Lonnie B & Qwasian – Stackin’ Trap

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Welcome DJ Lonnie B into the fold. Lonnie B is VA’s Heavy Hitter and well Qwasian stays stackin’ trap. Whether its mixtapes, covers, beats, engineer, carpenter, mechanic, rocket scientist or heart surgeon, look no further than Qwasian for all your needs. It’s 2006 people you have to have multiple hustles to survive.

The cuts for the chorus on “Pouring Up” are the shit. That’s why I can fuck with H-Town music because they always keep it hip hop with their own style. I don’t know why these magazines and critics were shitin’ on Lil Wayne’s latest CD, “In The Streets” is Wayne at his best; XXXL swagger mixed with a lung crushin’ hook? It gets no better. The beat on “Sippin’ & Spinnin” will induce a haze state of mind and Gangsta Boo ain’t half bad over it either. See I don’t claim to know the South inside and out but it’s tracks like “Goin Down” that make me shake my head. It’s got a catchy beat and the rhyme is mad basic. I like it for the fact that it’s feel good music but the rhyme in its essence is very Mickey Mouse. (No hate) I feel the same way about “Go Head”, Gucci Mane with in his nasally voice. I will admit the shit does sound good in my ride though. Ok….”I’m In Love With A Stripper” remix. If you read Rapmullet you know how I feel about this song. Now R. Kelly on this joint is fucking hilarious. He’s def in love with a bitch ass, and I quote: “I wanna stick it/ wanna kiss it/ if I could I’d put my whole damn head in it”. I don’t know about you but I’m not sticking my whole head in a bitch ass, sorry R. Kelly truly is a sick fuck. (Like we didn’t know this already).

Lonnie B got some heavy hitting drops too man. Damn near every major artist in the south shouts this dude out. Props on holding down VA man. I’ve been noticing lately DJs ect are keeping formulas mad simple and that’s what makes the shit worth cop’n. Dope tracks, minimal talking and some basic mixing.