DJ LRM – What’s New Vol. 3

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Straight comedy…I got a big ass smile on face like I’m super high and somebody just gave me a pudding snack pack. Hey yo? Do you know “What’s New”? I told ya’ll on my review last night cats need to step up their mixtape title game. What is this paint by fucking numbers? Cats gotta tell the consumer “What’s New”? I’m not taking anything away from LRM, he’s had some memorable mixtapes and def produced numbers on the streets. I’m just gonna make this a memorable mixtape for another reason.

First up, lets lay down the direction of the review. You remember that scene from “The 40 Year Old Virgin” where cats say “You know how I know you’re gay?” Well this is gonna be called “You know I how I know you mixtape isn’t exclusive”? So here we go…You know how I know your mixtape isn’t exclusive? Cause the tracklist reads like the download list at Come on man, look at the first four tracks, commonly known as the make it or break it section. You know how I know you mixtape ain’t exclusive? “It’s Me Bitches” the remix is the first track. If your first track on an exclusive mixtape has been on radio for a couple weeks the shit ain’t exclusive. Gillie who? (yawns) His buzz is over…next. “Brand New Funk” is cool, I can dig it till Peedi’s voice starts to annoy the hell outta me. “Bullet Bullet”? Well considering when this dropped (weeks ago) cats in Montana was amped up toting pellet guns and shit. Def not “NEW”. You know what’s new? Jus Mula (decent mic game) and Don Peezy (another dime a dozen MC). So we got a couple of no name cats that would be considered “NEW”. I had “We Really Do This” on the Rapmullet Ipod a week and a half ago, dope track none the less but is it “NEW”? Nope. “Feds Taking Pictures”, “Like What I Got”, “More Than Music” all email blasted two weeks ago and longer, already made the rounds. You know how I know your mixtape isn’t exclusive? Cause those joints is old! Joe Budden with “My Life”? Ahh man talk about diggin’ a ditch for yourself.

I’m trying to find some good points in the mixtape. The fact he’s showing love to his peoples, letting them get burn is cool. I mean on that tip you could say LRM is breaking artist. On the flip side playing the rest of that shit isn’t breaking nothing. I probably wouldn’t have even thought twice about this CD except for the title…cause the shit really isn’t new. How is it that vets in the mixtape game slack the fuck off and expect to move units off an established name while the end product is bullshit? I’m up in the weed spot every other day and this brings me to my last comment. You know how I know you mixtape isn’t exclusive? When the cats in the weed spot ban you from coming through cause you came thru with a mixtape called “What’s New Vol. 3” and the shit was old.