DJ Lust, Big Mike & Ransom – Ransom Note

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No Ransom / Joe Budden talk up in this review so if that’s what you wanted to read you need to log off and go read some other shit. I’m sure there’s a blog somewhere with some bullshit “news” on it for you to read. Anytime there is new Ransom music in the atmosphere its a good time in music. It’s rare these days for an MC to actual add on to a fan base or even try to establish one but it’s something that Ransom has been doing since the Hard Hood Classic days. He def has his detractors/non-believers but you have to realize the demand for his music is there other wise he wouldn’t be moving units.

“If sleep is the cousin my bars is the father of death.” Ahh man, that’s a classic Ransom line right there. “The Beginning” does what it does. The punch lines are heavy and the intensity is on the MIC is crazy. “Kid Brother” def killed the energy that “The Beginning” created. Not sure why if was placed here. “Acid” is that mixtape shit people. That “.50 caliber flow”…crazy. Ransom murdered that Alchemist beat. “Do You Like It” was smooth till the hook hit. Nicki Minaj was cool too. “Heaterz” is one of my favorite mixtape tracks this year; these classic bars man. I’m fucking with the Trae feature on “Look How Dark”. This is def a more well rounded/laid back Ransom on here; the chopped hook is tight too. “Jewelz” at the end of the CD was just that…”every line is a gem ni99a / they all shine”. That sums up the project right there.

Honestly, the project as whole was a lil choppy track selection wise. That “Kid Brother” joint was like a square peg being forced into a round hole; def out of place. A couple joints already made the rounds on here but overall the shit was new-er. Some of those cats featured on here def need some more time in the lab to get their sound together and establish a decent flow. Compared to Rans other mixtapes this joint is cool but its def not as good. It almost feels rushed like the shit wasn’t finished and just put out 3/4 done. It’s def cop-able tho and it’s going in the A-Team/Ransom collection without a doubt.