DJ Lust & DJ Diggz – Rise To Power Pt. 3

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DJ Lust bout to hit the streets running when he gets out of the bing…couple banging mixtapes in the streets bubbling, go visit the fam, get some pussy and then back to work. Can cats see now how important the team is you got holding you down? Tell you the truth that shit is rare these days, everyone out for self doing anything and everything to get ahead…sick really. Loyalty is great thing when it’s true and it will def help in that rise to power.

Ransom may have just dropped the best mixtape track of the year with “Can’t Tell Me Nothing”. Honestly there’s only a couple MCs right now that have the talent to spit raw emotion on a beat like that, make you dig it more than the original and pop off with lines like “I torture ni99as when they in the booth / wrap the MIC cord around their neck till I get the truth / its all over better get the nouse cause I spit venom like a snake with a missing tooth.” Fuck it you could quote the whole rhyme for that matter. Stack Bundles (R.I.P.) with that pearl handle flow on “Money in The Bank”…damn I miss dude on these mixtapes. Joell Ortiz, Casidy and Hell Rell on a track? Shit…..Joell is a straight beast right now with the bars. “Shot 4 Shot” gotta be one of the worst Cassidy mixtape tracks. This beat needs to be burned alive and the lil dude sounds mad soft with that flow on here. You hear how weak Jim Jones sounds on a hard as beat? “Looka Here” just exposed his all-swag flow. Hell Rell def ate him alive on that track. If you’re not up on Un Pacino by now I don’t what to tell you. I don’t know what else to say to you. “I Want Out” is saying some shit. The question is: are you listening? I’m loving the hook for “Hustle”. This track needs more mixtape love man. Props for playing Big Lou too. “Crack Head” is deep. No MC is doing music like this right now. On the low Big Twin got busy on “Hood Dairy”, that classic QB music.

Lust and Diggz on a mixtape is that cop heavy music every time they drop. They give you that music that has balance between the established MCs: Styles P, Game, Cassidy, Cormega, 40 Cal, Jimbo Jones…and the MCs who will be the future of this shit; Ransom, Joell Ortiz, Un Pacino, Remo, Geo, Tega, Big Lou, St Laz, Bynoe to name a few. And that people is why cats are on the rise to power.