DJ Lust & DJ Diggz – Rise To Power Vol. 1

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I know not everyone is into that block music, that gutta music, that shit to make you wanna crack someone’s head open, that shit to amp you up and rob an old lady or maybe a young lady. If you’re into that type of music it really gets no better than these two DJs; Lust and Diggz. Lust has a penchant for the classics; the best of you’re favorite hard rock MC back to back to back. Diggz scrapping the ground finding those slept on MCs that get it in like Rob Dinero in the movie Heat. If I was an established DJ I might me a little shook because both these cats are relatively new to the game and coming up fast.

Stack Bundles got the mixtape game in a cobra clutch, hardest out right now; I’m not saying anymore. Ransom stay with that duffle bag flow, shit isn’t fair to these other MCs man. On some real shit, “Who Want A Problem” remix is type catchy. I didn’t like the beat at first but that shit infected me or some shit and I had this on repeat. “Straight Murder” is ass man. What the fuck happened to the MOBB? Not even 50 can save this track. Is it me or does Trae sound like a fish outta water alongside of Jim Jones and on that beat specifically? (Frowns). “How To Get It” is some of the best bars I’ve heard from Juelz in a minute. If you’re a mixtape DJ and you’re not fucking with A-Mafia you ain’t winning point blank period. I still think “One Blood” is a wack ass track. This sounds like it could have dropped before his got signed and shit. Max B on “Dom Peringon” is not cutting it. (hits high note and voice cracks). “Starvin” is my shit, hands down. Be prepared to hit that rewind button on the CD player. I think I like the title to Maino’s joint “Your Girl A Whore” better than the actual track. The shit is cool though, Scott Storch be getting over on beats man. I fuck with Geolani and “She Is Music” is a dope track but the vibe didn’t fit with the rest of the music to me.

Very rarely do you find a “exclusive” mixtape that pops off as a classic mixtape. I had high hope for this one but it lagged in a few spots. Don’t get it fucked up, this is one of the hardest mixtapes out right now hands down and if you ain’t cop’n you’re missing out. These two DJs need to keep the collaboration and series going, the chemistry is crazy. The rise to power continues people.