DJ Lust & DJ Lazy K – Max B Million Dollar Baby

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MAX B is the protege of JIM JONES for those of you who aren’t aware. That also aligns him with the almighty DIP SET. That’s a powerful birthplace in Hip Hop right now. It’s the home of JUELZ, HELL RELL, J.R. WRITER and those cats from overseas S.A.S. Coming from such a distinguished base there are heavy expectations for the young spitter.

Like I’ve stated on many occasions, you have to have a wealth of material when you drop CD’s that are centered on one individual. “MILLION DOLLAR BABY” has very little guest appearances other than JIM JONES and lyrically that isn’t enough. Following the same pattern as the chorus, but using your own lyrics was refreshing when 50 did it. It isn’t anymore. It sounds contrived, especially when it isn’t done well. Take “BIRD GANG” freestyle. He should have run with the original chorus rather than repeat “bird gang” continuously. His chorus’ aren’t memorable, and because there aren’t many guests, the project leaves much to be desired.

I don’t how many times the public has to say this before LAZY K listens, but we didn’t love her, because she was able to get “exclusives”. That was a small aspect of a large picture. It was the skills! I loved the accent and the around the way appeal, mixed with the skills ma. What happened to the LAZY K interlude on this project? That would have made this CD exciting, because we pretty much know what MAX does. He doesn’t have the presence of HELL RELL or the word play of JUELZ, so that limits him to swagger! DIP SET is based on that and MAX does it well.

I wish there was more to tell, but then there’d have to be more to hear! So you know that there’s no prejudice, I’m from HARLEM. I love the DIP SET movement, but lately it’s more about a lifestyle than actual music and that’s what MAX needs to concentrate on. He has a signature slogan like JUELZ and hair like the big homie JIM. All of these things are great once you’ve already become a star, but prior to reaching that plateau you have to make a name for yourself with lyrics! MAX B hasn’t convinced me he’s a star.

The JIM JONES “MURDER, MURDER” freestyle was hot, but he didn’t say shit that we haven’t heard him say a million times all ready. H.O.B had one of the best cuts with “NOT TO FUCK WITH”. This is a mediocre release, but it isn’t a reflection of the DJ’s, just the artist that they choose to focus on.