DJ Lust & Ransom – The Best In The City

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It’s Saturday around 12:30 PM. Just rolled outta bed, beat the juice outta this bitches pussy last night, got some dro rolled up and I don’t have my seed to watch today so we’re getting it in on about 5-6 mixtape reviews. First up is Rasom and Lust. You talk about power moves on mixtapes and you gotta peep the last couple projects with Lust. He dropped the Stack Bundles joint (one of the best artist mixtapes so far this year), the joint with DJ Diggz (power move) and now Ransom; Best In The City. Shit is crazy, give that man his just do already and pray that he don’t stop dropping hard white. As for Ransom…..that man attacks MICs, point black period…end of story. And to quote the man himself: “Top five dead or alive, dig’em up I don’t give a fuck!” Damn.

Do you think Ransom is the best in the city? You might after hearing this CD. “Nobody” will have you amped the fuck up looking for trouble. You ever play king of the mountain before? Well this is Ransom climbing to the top of the mountain and telling everybody “you can’t fuck with me and I ain’t going no where.” The track of tracks to me is “80’s Shit”. I listened to this for 30 minutes straight back to back on repeat. The track got all angles covered from the hook to the beat to the lyrics. I’m not hearing any MC right now coming off like Ransom content wise. He’s not affraid to admit to some ignorant shit while keeping it fly, flashy and introspective. We ridin’ now man, “Fuckin’ The Game Up” is all highway, doing 80 with a gun sitting on the front seat. “Streets Got A Hold On Me” is that descriptive shit. The joint is cut short but you could write a screen play off the rhyme its that vivid. “The Stick Up” got some of the illest lines out; “Yo I’m broke/ all I got is a gun and some new cheeba/ couple of bundles of D and some old dudes Visa/ nothing to loose neither/ so if I see you guys flossing turn your braids into a low ceasar/ damn money you don’t see that that man hungry/ drugs for sale/ push my nicks like Van Gundy.” God damn! Yo, it’s 36 tracks on here man. I don’t gotta highlight everything, I think you know what it is already. Def peep that classic shit at the end and you can see the progression in the rhymes, plus those is truly classic mixtape tracks.

I mean, you heard some of these tracks if you a Ransom fan; but Lust has the ability to pull the best of the already heard joints and stack em up with the bangin’ ass new shit. He pulls out the best verses and slaps the shit outta you with em back to back. Dead real ya’ll need to pull out the neck brace from your closet; the CD will snap your neck. Cats wanna know if this joint is better than “Pain and Glory”? Yea it is but only on that block music, that shit street cats wanna hear and pump diesel too. We all know Ransom can make songs, he got the versatiltiy, the concepts, the “I can releate to this” music. Give him his props cause he coming back to the core audience with this CD and it’s hitting at the right time. To all the new jacks out there all you need is one listen to know you just heard the best in the city.