DJ Lust & Stack Bundles – My Life Is Like A Movie

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You ever watch Ultimate Fighting? They got those cats who grapple and put the hold on you and sqeeze till you tap out. That’s Stack Bundles right now, got an arm bar on the game slowly applying pressure bout to have the game tap out. My coments on the message were premature regarding Stack and ByrdGang. I said it was a lateral move when in fact it is a power move. His style fits the Dipset mold perfectly and it’s what Dipset fans are used to and will cop; props to Stack on that and somebody slap me for not doing thorough math.

Listen to “Ya Dig” again. Stack Bundles on the hook is tight, the beat is tight but that verse man, that has to be one of the hardest verses of the year so far. “With a starting five like mine, ya bench don’t matter.” And he downshifts the flow at the end to lyrically stomp ya head into a curb. DAMN! I was playing this track back to back to back to back to back and back again. I didn’t really like the hook on “Riot Squad March” but that beat is knockin’ like a landlord when the rents late and Stacks aka “The Rap Games Serial Killa”, verbally abuses it too. One of my favorite joints is “What Ya Hood Like”, Ransom does his thing as usual. I haven’t heard “Base” in a minute and the shit is still as potent as ever, Stacks stay spittin’ that “ready rock”. Stack got the ability to take a weak beat and own it, “Who” is that “make a dolla outta fifteen cents” track. The best “mixtape” type track is the joint “The Hood” with Styles P. Stack spit: “Stack Bundles ni99a, I live my name.” The sleeper track of the CD is “Roll Wit Us”. A whole different sound from Stack but he flipped it type lovely.

DJ Lust coming on strong for the summer with some power moves of his own. I don’t wanna put Lust in a box cause he got some true exclusive music on here but his bread and butter is that “best of” and how he keep hitting ya in the head. I ran this CD all day the last two days and with 38 tracks I was hearing new jewels with every listen. Not only do you get the best tracks off that M.O.B mixtape you get the best of Stack with new shit. If that ain’t a win/win situation than ya’ll can eat my food and you never fuck with a fat mans food.