DJ Mark Xclusive – Soul Sessions Vol. 1

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Ain’t nothing like some soul music people. You know what I’m talking about, that music that will make you cry, make you nod your head, make you think all the while cats are actually singing. No pop formulas, no cut and past…I-am-a-robot lyrics…just heartfelt lyrics to move, you guessed it…your soul. Me personally, I like a lil funk with my soul, some wah wah mixed into the deepness of the vibe. I want to feel like a pimp and feel bad for a being a pimp at the same time..can you dig that?

Jill Scott will beat your soul up and you will thank her after the fact. “Hate On Me” got that knock, shit has a big sound to it too. I haven’t heard to much Erykah Badu but “Real Thing” makes you want to squish up your face into a frown like…damn; while you nod your head. Tell me those horns didn’t fuck your head up? Is Robin Thicke the illegitimate child of Ron O’Neil? Dude is super cool on “Cocaine” or maybe he’s just superfly. This song has a whole “Boggie Nights” vibe going on. That’s Heatwaves classic for you under-developed music lovers. Amy Winehouse hasn’t grown on me yet…yawns at “You Know I’m No good”. She swagger jacked someone, I just can’t place it yet. I’m def diggin’ Corinne Bailey Rae on “Trouble Sleeping”…that’s quiet soul right there. Nicole Wray is a sleeper people. “They Call Her Music” is deep and the bass is crazy in this joint. I can honestly say besides that Robin Thicke album, the only other R&B; album I bump is Muiq Soulchild’s. “Teach Me” is my shit. I get my vibe on to this in the ride all the time. I haven’t heard the new Carl Thomas but “Though You Should Know” is cool. Neyo on “Suddenly” was OK, I prefer the original tho…not the best cover but not the worst either; nice end to the project tho.

The best thing about this CD is that it’s smooth. The soul was there too but the overall vibe was real smooth and when you get a R&B; mixtape that has “soul” in the title I expect it to be smooth. There was no crazy mixing but it wasn’t necessary, Mark did his thing with the fader and let the music dictate where you were going on the CD. It’s nice to get a new CD and be able to rock it straight through, no FF, no skipping around and the shit put me in a good mood too.