DJ Mickey Knox & DJ Concept – That Real Live Shit

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Shout to Mickey Knox, he’s doing his thing and he’s doing some real live mixing on a mixtape. Shit is lovely man any way you slice it. Who’s old enough to remember K-Def and Larry-O’s Real Live? Ya’ll probably remember the remix the most but this mixtape is that frame of mind musically. Shabaam Sahdeeq is hosting and featured throughout. Ya’ll still sleeping on him aren’t you…you douche bags. Your loss cause “Freaky Flow” is just that.

Joell Ortiz catches some shine throughout the mixtape too. “Can’t You Tell”, “Where I Belong”, “Roc Mics” and at the end with “Shootin Pt. 3”. You won’t hear better metaphors from another MC either. They actually played Stat Quo’s “The Sun” on a mixtape…good for them. That song been out and DJs literally played it or should I say they didn’t play it therefore they “played” it. He’s never sounded more focused tho. As annoying as I think Eminem is on “Who Want It” he is a true master of his craft when it comes to Mcing. Shout to Lee Kid getting some shine with “Let Me Be”…flow is much improved. This is that head nod. My favorite joint on here is “Dirt All By My Lonely” with Sky Zoo and Mazzi. That’s the theme song right there. The sleeper track on here is Sam Scarfo and Ghostface with “Jesus Loves You”.

The project is lyrically strong, a lil bit of DJ skill and a whole lotta support for the essence of this shit. I could say more but I’m about to start this joint over again.

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TheLowEntertainment | December 13, 2008 9:09 PM | Reply


Shouts to Dj Mickey Knox!!!


Shouts to LEE KID and Big Chew for the review!