DJ Mike Nice – Brooklyn Bullshit

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You hear that? It’s the sound of the vaults opening up and the spirits of raw ass hip hop being set free. If you don’t already know Mike Nice is the king of the crates and if you feel any different after listening to this project you’re a moron. For the slow people this is very early Biggie, Jay Z and Big Daddy Kane.

Dead ass real, Shakespeare went in like a rabid lion on that “Kingscounty” joint. That’s how you rhyme your ass off. Where else can you hear Biggie spittin at age 12 or age 17? That “Fulton” street freestyle shows you the potential Big had and how far he came when he passed. A real true gem is that Big Daddy Kane and Kool G. Rap “Raw” demo. That shit is the essence of MCing. Cats should be forced to listen to this track before they ever pick up a MIC. Kane gives a lesson in word play on “Raw Attitue”. Cats slept on Kane when it came to battling but he will def eat an MC. That Jay-Z “High Powered” verse might be short but you get to hear Jay real early. My favorite shit for Big was the “Lyricist Lounge ’93” joint. He said “when I rip rhymes I quench thirsts like very fine”. Don’t front tho, Jay-Z was def getting his Fu-schnickens on style wise back in the day. “Greatest MC” is proof positive of that, Jay trying to spit mad words in one bar. Mike did “B.I.G Millionaire” justice too beat wise and that verse was crazy too.

I give Mike credit, he brought out the big guns on the demo tip. Truth be told and this might not be the most popular statement but Big Daddy Kane as an MC is better than both Big and Jay. You can hear it in those early demos. I’m not talking songs or hits, straight raw as rhyming Kane got both of them…easy. Some of these tracks are short so don’t be expecting full length tracks and of course the sound quality isn’t gonna be CDQ but Mike did a great job cleaning up shit and making it sound as proper as possible.

djcc | January 16, 2009 2:00 AM | Reply

tight review chew!

congratz mikey!!


DJ J-Ronin | January 16, 2009 7:50 PM | Reply

ill i just downloaded it. Gonna check this out in a few.

I just heard all kinds of rare shit over the phone that Mike got. He got some shit!!!! He got me bugging!!