DJ Mike Nice & DJ Showtime – Once Upon A Time In Harlem

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This mixtape had me like a fiend on the floor for days. Considering I’m a fan of lyrics and MIC skills this is like finding a big old bag o dope. Drug references aside, Mike Nice and Showtime went all out with this project. From the un-released to the demo’s to that live shit…all bases of early Lamont are covered.

I’m buggin’ off the “Rock N Wills Audition” joint with Lord Finesse. I can only image the vibe when that shit was going on. Shit must have been like “8 Mile” to the fourth power. For those that don’t know Dimez’ uncle by marriage (divorced now I think) is Rock from Rock N Wills. That’s the “original” mixtape spot for real. Do your history. You know I’m a big Herb Mcgruff fan so that Stretch and Bobbito freestyle from ’93 had me open. Those two MCs had a crazy chemistry IMO. It’s the pure rawness of joints like “School Days” and “Timez is Hard” that give this mixtape its character…its personality. That rare jewel is the ’94 Stretch & Bob joint with Killa Kam and Mase Murder. That joint right there will make you rewind the whole shit again.

I know you’ll have some cats beefin’ about the audio quality but truth be told I love me some cassette air. I came up off that. When hip hop was analog and gritty, nothing like it to be honest. (Must be an east coast thing). The fun shit about this project is breaking down L’s lyrics and really being able to see how far advanced he was and most likely, what could have been in his future. No downloads off this one people.