DJ Modesty – Kings From Queens

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Welcome DJ Modesty to the Rapmullet review section. He’s getting his global mixtape grind on all the way from France. If you can’t already tell by the title of the mixtape, this is some Queens shit and by the looks of the track list Modesty dug a lil deeper to shine the light on those Queens artist who may not have a big name but who’s bars are just as potent.

I can’t front, the intro got me amped up a lil somehting. Not really any cuttin’ or nothing but the beat matching and loops were tight like a Jimbo Jones t-shirt. “Front Line” is the jump off…Killa Sha and Large Pro. This is where Modesty lets the skill breathe too and highlights the track like a vet. This that head nod fo’ real, not really into that hook but Killa Sha can rhyme. Camiliano paints an ill picture on “Live By The Code”; one of the dopest voices in hip hop too. Again tho, another sub par hook. I might have been one of the only cats who bought Imam Thug’s street album back in like 2001…and he can still rhyme today but “Smash That” was most def uninspiring at best. Willie Stubz on “That’s What It Is” got the best flow so far besides Killa Sha. The joint got a lil bounce to it. Jack Danielz, Johnny Walker, Craig G got bars and punchlines for days on “Hip Hop Manual”. The beat got over I guess but cats were def rhyming their asses off which is appreciated. To be honest man, listening to “Queens” and “Let’s Do It”, shit just didn’t pop off to me. Like none of those MCs sound good to me. A couple hot bars here and there but nothing that stands out and makes me pay attention. Royal Flush still got it with cuts like “Stick You Up”. Grafh as always did his thing on “Blood Money”…but why is this joint at #18? K.Rime got a song called “Clam” that sounds like it was recorded in a port-a-potty. This dude spit from the heart and tried to flip a concept but it just wasn’t working for him.

Dead ass real it was the mixing that kept me listening. Modesty def has skills but he went to the unknown MC well a few too many times for my liking. I mean its cool to support these cats trying to come up but you still gotta have balance in the track list and their music still has to be dope. Let cats hear even two tracks back to back that they think sounds like warm ass on summer day and that CD is being pulled from the deck quick fast.