DJ MoonDawg & DJ Drama – The Stimulus Package

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Welcome DJ MoonDawg to the Rapmullet review section. He’s ridin’ with DJ Drama, who has a new album dropping, and he’s got some jewels on here too. MoonDawg is out of Chicago…another midwest DJ getting it in and shinning that spot light on deserving talent.

“My People Will Be Heard” is hard as hell, big record too. Luda, WTK and Busta trading bars like the MIC vets they are. Busta ripped that beat tho with that cyanide flow. If you ain’t checking for Mikkey Halsted you lose. “News Pt. 2” was my shit. He broke down some current events but the potential in those bars speak louder than the track itself. “A New Day” is a lyrical fiends best friend. WTK, Marvo and Cory Gunz spit that shit for real. He got some new Lupe Fiasco on here too. “This Is For My Ni99as” is knockin’ like police executing a warrant. “Higher Than A Priestess” was the anthem on here. Ace Boogie got some shit with this one. I’m fuckin’ with “If I Never” too. GLC got bars and this joint is smooth as hell. “Striper Love” should get some support in clubs around the country. Too Short owned that beat too.

I fuck with this project for the simple fact it’s got shit I haven’t heard yet. MoonDawg got Drama shinning with his new project and he got cats from his area shinning too. That’s how you do it and the fact that the music is dope is a bonus to that stimulus package. The mid-west got that talent lyrically and the production to match. Cats stuck on stupid with all these Gucci Mane mixtapes lately, let your ears breathe with some mid-west and understand there’s dope music everywhere.