DJ Mr King – Best of R Kelly

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No bullshit, Mr. King can mix some records. All the R Kelly jokes aside lets face it the man got classics for days. My favorite album has to be the self titled joint. “You remind of my jeep/ I wanna ride it/ something like my bank account/ I wanna spend it” Yall remember that video they killed to death of him out at the snowy cabin in the woods singing about his woman who left him while the helicopter flies away, that was the shit.

“Seems Like Your Ready”, “Bump & Grind”, “Half On A Baby” they all on here. Mr. King went for the slow down shit and he killed it. All tracks were mixed on the transitions. Only thing that got me was the drops over the transitions as well as the mixing. The first couple track transitions were mad loud then he found his groove and laced the drops after the transition was just done. “Slow Wind” is def a slept on joint and it’s always good to hear “Your Body’s Calling”. R Kelly lost me a little with the whole Mr Bigg thing and Ron Isley making movie/videos. Although “Down Low” was a way of life for some cats. Everyone used to or still has a DL bitch they fuck with.

Bottom line is you can’t deny R Kelly’s body of work, shit is def impressive. Mr King def captures and nice slow grove and rides that shit from begining to end. If Mr King wasn’t taking the time to actual mix the tracks this would just be another average mixtape but when you can pop a CD in and let it ride you know the DJ took the time to piece this together like a slow jam puzzle. You man not know the name now but you will soon enough; DJ Mr King people. Check him out at