DJ Mr. King & DJ G-Spot – Relax & Take Notes

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I gotta give it up to Mr. King. He has some of the most creative drops in the mixtape game and like one of them says; “he’s mixing his ass off”. As for G Spot, you already know what it is with that man. DJs from the mid-west are putting in serious work these days so the title of “Relax & Take Notes” is def more than appropriate.

Mr. Kings set didn’t really catch my ear till “Do It In His Face” which was more a catch ass hook than any type of mic skills. “Know What I’m Doint” is cool, Lil Wayne murdered this track. If you want to believe it or not Unk’s “Walk It Out” gets much love out here in Beantown, shit got mad radio support to my suprise. I didn’t really fuck with it but the remix with “Andre 3000 and Jim Jones is the shit. I mean Andre 3000 owned this joint with that verse, he needs to stay on that type shit more often. When the second beat hit on Black Jak’s “Bobbin My Head” shit was def getting open. Plies def “Got Em Hatin”, shit you can call me a Plies hater if you like, fuck that dude. lol The posse cut of the whole CD is with out question “Top Back”. Shit…who isn’t on this remix, BG did his thing tho and let all these MCs get it. On that slow flow Ray CAsh and Jokaman take the title with “She’s A G”. I love me some fly story telling type music.

It’s getting to a point where DJs are gonna have to put “mixed” on the cover somewhere. I mean you got DJs that play their postion and just play tracks and then you got DJs like Mr. King and G Spot who just mix their tracks because then can. Even if their not mixing they now how to make the next track flow into the one playing. Ain’t no more to it really…just read the title to the CD and…..