DJ Mr King – Southern Smothered & Covered Pt 4

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Welcome DJ Mr King to people. We don’t get too many mixtapes outta the South so this is a welcomed addition. I’d take southern smothered over southern smoke any day of the week. That’s not a slight thats the truth. Any time you got a DJ mixing like a true DJ I gotta ride for em. Doesn’t matter where ya from as long as you actually have a “mix” in your mix tape it’s cool as a fan.

There are def a couple cats I’m checking for in right now out the South. Young Joc is one and “Going Down” is just plain infectious. The cadence is simple as hell but I can’t front I liked that shit. The “Rip Raw Freestyle” was full of fishscale busting out ziplocks. You gotta love the old school appeal people. I was up in the club the other night when “Do Ya Dance” came on right. I’m getting my little snap dance on right and I catch this bitch in the eye by accident. Oh well…I keep it moving and the bitch wanna cut me on some razor blade shit. Threw that bitch up in a sleeper hold put her out on some rock-a-by shit. Snap dancing is some dangerous shit man. Dee Boi got an ill swagger on “Freshes In The Trap”, shit was catchy as hell. I def could have done without “In Love With A Stripper Remix” I know that, shit didn’t fit the vibe of the CD at all.

Dee Boi def ain’t feeling the internet, lol, to say the least. I can dig where he coming from though. Be on the look out for dude, say his name again people: Dee Boi. As for Mr King he got a nice mixtape swagger, the mixing is top notch and smooth like a video hoe’s oiled up ass. The CD was pure listening pleasure. I def need to be checking for more Mr King CDs, cause with the right music he def got a classic mixtape coming in the future.