DJ Nasty Nel – Old School Blends Pt 2

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Nasty Nel back with that old school people. I’m old school. I’ve come to accept my old schoolness and I’m actually proud to be old school now. Old head coalition stand up! There is nothing wrong with embracing the old but at the same time you gotta stay up on the new. It’s how one maintains relevance. There’s nothing worse than an old head trying to act like their still 17 know who you are. Give me that three turntables and a MIC sound any day. Beat on beat blends, some shout outs to people I’ll never know and some feel good theme music. That’s what it’s all about…our it used to be about. Nasty Nel keeping hope alive, props man.

If you don’t move when “Hot Music” comes on you probably got a stick up your ass. That shit works every time. Surprisingly “I Want It That Way” sounded fresh over “Gas Face”. Backstreet Boys can get that gas face tho. “A Woman Needs Love” had me in that third lane doing a buck not giving a fuck. All blend CDs get worked out on the highway people. “This House” made the whole CD for me. I haven’t heard that track since wayyyyyy back in the day. Almost forgot about that joint to be honest. “Say No Go” was a party starter for real too bad cats can’t rhyme like that anymore. De La Soul don’t get the props they should. I was diggin’ how Case’s “Missing You” was flipped too. That shit was smooth. Hardest blend on here was “Your Making Me High”. Damn! That shit is hard as nails over that Mantronix beat. “How Many MCs” into “The Bridge” was the move people, that’s how you flip old school and Nasy Nel kept it short too. As much as the “Deep Cover” beat is played out shit sounded dope behind “Love Will Never Do”. Janet Jackson was made for that beat. Lol

This mixtape is most def bangin’. Nasty Nel has the ear and the skills to flip classics like this. Not everyone who can blend can blend classics. The last CD wasn’t tracked this one is, doesn’t matter to me tho I’m listening straight through from rooter to the tooter.