DJ Nasty Nel – Old School Blends

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Welcome DJ Nasty Nel to the Rapmullet review section. A good blend CD in 2008 is like finding a good-looking broad that has no kids, shit is rare. I love how this project is tracked too…just one long ass track. No skipping around you needs to listen to the whole damn thing to appreciate it.

Nasty Nel gets three tapes for the vibe alone. Cats don’t really listen for a vibe anymore, they just want new shit but THIS is how it should be done. Classic verse after classic verse, mixed with classic beat after classic beat and it sounds like you got three turntables rocking, some well placed drops and timing that cats would kill to have. That is this mixtape in brief. This joint isn’t for everyone tho, even some harden blend fiends. I mean when you go from “Just Be Good To Me” into “Human” into “I Want You Back” you might lose some people. This is not some R&B joints over thugged out beats, it’s got a few tho, this is classic mixtape rocking straight up and down. Nasty Nel even brings it back to beat on beat blends, which is even rarer these days. I give him props for blending Sade’s “Paradise” too. That’s my girl. Cats don’t know about blending the slower joint too….”Let’s Wait A While”, “Reunited”, “Kiss and Say Goodbye”…straight beat on beat with that classic break beat sound. My favorite part of the mixtape was “Don’t Be Cruel” all the way thru into “Seasons Change”. Nast Nel put in serious work.

If you’re a fan of the three turntables, straight highway music mixtapes you gotta cop this. No bullshit. You hard-core blend fans looking for a concept need to go elsewhere tho. I know cats will sleep on this but in the end, it’s only their loss. Props to DJ Nasty Nel for keeping blend hope alive, it is appreciated man. Hit him up at