DJ Neil Armstrong – Bittersweet

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Ever since JAY Z made that statement “this is only for the grown and sexy”, people have abused it. Originality is a wonderful experiment where mixtapes are concerned, because there is very little left within the genre. Major labels don’t look for artists with something different to offer and fans don’t naturally gravitate to what they haven’t been force fed by mass media! It is rare for love and HIP-HOP to be associated with one another. This is a business of masculinity. The women, who cater to this male dominated audience, rarely do so without the standard uniform or lack they’re of. Love and HIP-HOP. Even in a sentence the words seem as though they are at war. DJ NEIL ARMSTRONG has managed to allow the two to coexist without that standard annoying statement about this being for the “grown and sexy”

“BITTERSWEET” is a wonderful name for this release, because it not only describes the CD, but its place within this market! “BITTERSWEET” is a love story told with timeless R&B; tracks and skits that aren’t utilized enough today. Believe it or not NEIL uses EDDIE MURPHY as a catalyst for the continuation of the story. “BITTERSWEET” is the theme, but all mixtapes have a theme today. Unfortunately, the CD rarely follows that theme. This one does. As the first skit suggests, “this is a story about a girl, that girl”. Think LL COOL J and “I NEED LOVE”. It was odd then and the staple remains today. Love in this world called HIP-HOP is rare. I love this CD. We have issued classics for blends in HIP-HOP, R&B;, and even pause tapes, but never in story telling. This is a first for RAPMULLET, because “BITTERSWEET” tells an excellent story for anyone who has ever been in love. I don’t know if NEIL was going through something when he created this, but if not “dog you have an incredible sense of what women want to hear.”

I normally sit in my basement with my boys when I am about to rate a new release, but this time; I rocked this CD with every date that I had since you gave it to me. If they didn’t feel it, it was because it was ahead of their time. I love JODECI, but “BITTERSWEET” isn’t that type of party. No this party is blasting shit like “MY CHERIE AMOR”, “KISS OF LIFE”, “LOVE’S HOLIDAY”, “ONE STEP AHEAD”, “MISSING YOU” and more that I want to mention, but I just don’t want to give away. DJ NEIL ARMSTRONG, you have created a classic! We don’t give out many dog, so consider this honor as rare as your CD. You can cop “BITTERSWEET” at FAT BEATS (NYC, LA), TRIPLE 5 SOUL (NYC), TURNTABLELAB.COM, SANBOXAUTOMATIC.COM, or hit WWW.5THPLATOON.COM