DJ Neil Armstrong – Filthy

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NEIL shouldn’t even make mixtapes. I’m serious, because he’s a HIP HOP head and these days mixtapes are so far away from what people call HIP HOP. It’s popular music and I wouldn’t necessarily say that NEIL makes popular mixtapes. I consider his releases boutique. Education and HIP HOP are the last words associated with one another in our culture. It’s more acceptable to be a flaming f—ing idiot than to admit that you’re more than a hustler, but just maybe, you’ve had the opportunity to sit in a establishment of higher education. It’s a crime to display any intelligence that wasn’t gained from some sort of illegal activity. If you’re of this mind state, then “FILTHY” isn’t for you. Listeners that don’t want to be preached to, who prefer senseless music, that rarely has a meaning, shouldn’t purchase “FILTHY”. The day it hit the shelf, class was in session.

Have you ever seen a mixtape that had such an eclectic lineup? Can you see 50 and COMPANY FLOW sitting at a table next to PACE WON and MOBB DEEP? Never, but NEIL puts them together as if they belonged there and they do. “FILTHY” isn’t about playing what’s popular, it’s about playing what we should all love. It’s the differences that makes this culture so diverse. HIP HOP is about WU TANG, CAMP LO, ICE CUBE, DEAD PREZ, TALIB KWELI, THE FEARLESS FOUR, GAME, SMIF N WESSON and a host of others, but NEIL serves them up along side one another. My uncle hates new HIP HOP, because he’s damn near 50, but we listened to this together. “FILTHY” touched his life, my generation and my 23 year old brother who just kept saying, “that’s flames for old ni&&as; fam.” The truth is most of the artist featured weren’t old ni&&as;, they just weren’t the cats you heard on the radio everyday, but we didn’t rely on the radio to tell us what was flames then! We depended on DJ’s. They had to have more than access to hot music, they had to have an ear. Cop “FILTHY” and get a taste of what we used to be, should be, and need to get back to. I’m not talking about the fact that the music is classic, I’m talking about the fact that there was VARIETY! There was room for more than one kind of HIP HOP fan.

“FILTHY” is a complete package, but when does NEIL ever give us anything less? There’s blends, classics, “underground”, Reggae, two different covers, and a hidden f—ing track!