DJ Neil Armstrong – Get In Loser, We’re Going Crying

This is easily a top 5 goat mixtape title.

New Wave music as a whole is such a broad genre of music. I think of New Wave as a concoction of wity and emotional pop music. Synth heavy and filled with electro drums. In reality it was used as a catch-all for music in the post punk era.

Regardless of all that, the hits were plentiful, the album cuts were deep and in my mind Sad Bastard Music was allowed to flourish. If you watched a John Hughes film in the 80s you got new wave. You could dance to it, you could cry to it, you could wear the most off-the-wall shit to it.

In Neil’s missive that accompanied the mix, he states:

“Did I listen to new wave so much because I was always sad…or…was I sad because I listened to so much new wave?”

Neil gets it. Part of me feels like you had to be there…and I’m glad I was.

In junior high I was seeing this girl and I ended up fooling around with one of her friends. She found out and made me a mixtape. All of side A was Thieves Like Us on repeat. No bullshit. At the time I thought is was weird as hell. Side B was just her yelling obscenities at me. I mean I get it. Hearing it on here made me laugh. And what happened to that scorned girl from junior high? We’re married now with two kids.

Sike! Never saw that broad again!

Super happy to hear Yaz on the mix. I feel like they get left out when people discuss 80s music let alone new wave. I appreciated Neils call and response mix with Yaz’s Only You and Human League’s Human. It just worked.

This is a Neil Armstrong mix people. It’s well thought out, curated to the point of possible obsession and smooth as all hell. He always finds a way to tell a story and elicit emotional responses in his mixes, Get In Loser, We’re Going Crying is no different.

There’s going to be a part 2 and rightfully so, there’s quite a few songs I thought would be on here that aren’t. Listen to the sample below and if it moves you go to his website and support.