DJ Neil Armstrong – Oscillate Wildly

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Here at Rapmullet we take great pride in reading the press kits of some of our favorite DJ’s. While reading yours, it has come to our attention that not one of the quotes mentioned came from “THE ALMIGHTY” Rapmullet. We understand that we are not a major publication along the lines of Rolling Stone, but damn, we couldn’t get a shout out or something? We consider ourselves to be major supporters of the 5th PLATOON movement, yet no mention of the cats that show up to your major events. When Rapmullet had the “IN DA CLUB” section, who was the first DJ featured? You guessed it; NEIL ARMSTRONG. Through some therapy sessions, I have been cured of the issue and I can now move on in a positive manner. And now back to our scheduled programming.

“OSCILLATE WILDY” is not your ordinary mixtape, but has NEIL ever created a mixtape that could be classified as ordinary or average? I’ve heard him referred to as “alternative”. I don’t agree with that title, because I’ve seen too many “real” Hip Hop artists and DJ’s stifled by that classification. THE ROOTS aren’t alternative, African Americans just don’t appreciate nor do they embrace Hip Hop that they aren’t force fed through radio and mixtapes. Other countries have a greater respect for the art form. Unknowingly, NEIL caters to that audience. His mixtape “FILTHY” was excellent, but it was unable to crack the blocked minds of the massive Hip Hop drones that allow radio stations to ply them with the same bullshit day after day. He happens to hear and bring forth good music.

This newest creation is a celebration of times passed. If you’re from NY and you were a true “club head” then you remember “Unique Boutique” and the platform DR. MARTEN’S that everyone wore with their oversized overalls and outrageous metal accessories. Songs like “DIN DAA DAA” and “FOLLOW ME” were part of the soundtrack to my life and I didn’t consider myself to be “alternative”. In HARLEM, you didn’t wear MARTEN’S, you wore NIKES. I was never part of that crowd. I was an INDIVIDUAL. You might catch me at the SKATE KEY, but you were more likely to see me in SOHO in WASHINGTON SQ. PARK riding my skateboard. I still remember when dudes used to go to the club and dance, so hearing “THE WHISTLE SONG” by FRANKIE KNUCKLES just makes me long for that time when Hip Hop heads weren’t divided. We simply loved good music. “OSCILLATE WILDLY” and every CD that NEIL does is a celebration of that movement.